Echo, Fire TV, Kindle, and basically every other Amazon device are already on sale *big time*

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We knew the deals would be good, but we didn't know they'd be *this* good.
We knew the deals would be good, but we didn’t know they’d be *this* good.

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Almost every Amazon device is on sale already ahead of Amazon Prime Day. Like, obviously Amazon is going to toot their own horn during their own holiday.

So yeah, we knew that Echo devices, Fire tablets, etc., would be on sale — what we didn’t know is how insane the sales would be. Getting a Fire tablet for $30? An Echo Show for $100 off? Are you kidding me?

There’s quite literally never been a better time to make the dive into the voice command world or treat yo’ self to a shiny new toy. Your future self, who can turn off the lights with a simple voice command, is thanking you.

Deals on all of the Echo devices started early, many hours before the big shebang technically starts. 3 p.m., Prime Day’s official start time, kicks off the rest of the Amazon sale, so check back for deals on Cloud Cams, Ring doorbells, and more.

(If you have trouble telling the difference between devices in the Echo, Kindle, or Fire Tablet fams, check out our guide to smart home hubs here and our guide to tablets here.)

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