National Geographic Says ‘Maternal Instinct’ Isn’t ‘Only for Moms,’ Media Agrees

Mother’s Day has turned from a family-based event to a reason for more liberal grandstanding.

Just because the traditional definition of a mother offends you doesn’t mean you get to change the whole concept. But the liberal media will take every opportunity to preach their weird agenda to the public: you don’t actually have to be a woman to be a mother!

In National Geographic, Sarah Gibbens wrote that a new study, showing that biological mothers aren’t the only people with nurturing instincts, proved that there were “many shades of motherhood that are possible in humans.” For instance, same-sex parents and transgender parents apparently have nurturing instincts too. Even though one of the studies showed female mice responded more quickly to a chemical that was meant to trigger nurturing instincts, the scientists said it did not mean that “female brains are fundamentally wired to be maternal.”

ABC News focused on “non-traditional families” and how they celebrated Mother’s Day. In the line up was a male same-sex couple. The headline was “Two father find a way to celebrate the mothers in their lives.” Even though the couple admitted that they didn’t actually celebrate Mother’s Day, the story still remained.

In yet another story by ABC News, it turns out that even if you identify as a man, you can still consider yourself a mother. In the ultimate re-defining of the concept, “A parent of five who transitioned from female to male alongside his transgender daughter” still claims that “the kids do still call me ‘Mom’.” The story was featured on Good Morning America on May 7.


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